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Perfect partner for a safe progress

When we discussed what should be Drift's very first paraglider should be, we knew we wanted to create an elegant, safe and universal wing that would be suitable for the widest possible range of pilots. Our goal was to design a fun and enjoyable glider reliable enough to provide you with comfort even in turbulent air, as well as a glider that would be more than adequate for entry-level pilots. And that’s how Carancho came to life.


Who is this glider for?

Thanks to its exceptional safety qualities and mistake-forgiving nature, Carancho is the perfect wing for ambitious beginners. With this glider you can quickly develop your flying skills and confidence in the air using this glider. Nevertheless, novice pilots are not the only target group.

Carancho is also an ideal companion for those who fly recreationally and seek a high-level of passive safety and for experienced pilots, who prefer comfort in flying. Managing the glider in the air as well as on the ground is truly effortless, yet amusing, and every flight is an exciting experience.


Main features and qualities

Carancho features an innovative 3-liner layout with a minimum number of lines, which results in a significant reduction in aerodynamic drag. The shape of the leading edge and inlet openings is optimized to, for example, improve stall and collapse resistance and enhance pitch movement — we call this Beak Technology.

The glider is equipped with mini-ribs in the trailing edge, making it more aerodynamically favorable, and consequently helps you control the paraglider much more smoothly and comfortably.

The wing will never stop being in sync with you. Its agility, responsiveness and immediate feedback, along with direct reactions from the brakes give you space to relax and enjoy long, harmonious flights while still being able to feel all of the glider's movements.

Carancho is an amazing all-around glider. Its semi-light construction is perfect for Hike & Fly. The wing excels in high performance and great glide, encourages XC flying. Furthermore its smooth handling inspires to execute dynamic maneuvers when it comes to slope soaring.

Carancho is certified as an EN-A wing, because of its calm character. But with its parameters, optimized line plan, minimized air drag and outstanding performance, the glider has a real EN-B soul.


Beak Technology

The leading edge of all Drift's wings is optimally reinforced and the inlet openings are strategically placed to create a better internal pressure and air flow inside the glider. This means the glider is much more resistant to collapses. The leading edge is designed in a shape that resembles a bird’s beak, hence the name Beak Technology.

Drift Paragliders Carancho ENA+

R70 000,00 Regular Price
R59 500,00Sale Price
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