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Cape Town Tandem Flights


Arrive 15 minutes before your flight, sign the indemnity and South African national park permits. After the paperwork, you will receive your equipment which will be a Paragliding harness and Helmet.  Your instructor will give you take-off and flight briefing so you can be comfortable with what to expect, after the briefing it is time to fly. You will walk onto the take-off area and be connected to your instructor, take off is very easy, you will start with a walk and then go into a run, after a few steps you will be in the air, sit back and enjoy the feeling of freedom and the great views below as we glide over the city. Landing is easy, to prepare for landing your instructor will ask you to be ready to stand and walk a few steps forward as you touch down onto the grass landing field.

All flights are weather dependent, your flight time will be dependent on the weather conditions on the day. We will fly you as long as is possible. Flight times can be anything between 5 and 20 minutes. Even a 5-minute flight will be very exciting and you will enjoy gliding high over the city area. Pictures and videos will be taken during every flight, it is an additional cost of R300 and it will be transferred onto your cellphone after your flight.

// Sites - Signal Hill or Lions head, depending on the wind direction

Adventure Tandem Flight
Tandem Paragliding Cape Town


Fly with an experienced instructor over the neighbourhoods of Cape Town City. This is one of few places in the world where you can fly over a city, we like to call it Urban paragliding. Paragliding with an experienced instructor is fun and safe for all ages, we operate daily from either Signal Hill or Lions Head mountain. Flights are weather dependent and your pilot will give you the best flight possible according to the weather conditions of the day.



Meet your tandem pilot instructor at the mountain for a flight and weather briefing. After you will receive your gear and a pre-flight briefing. Take off will be easy and you will be required to walk and run a few meters until we are in the air flying. Sit back and enjoy the views of the Cape Winelands and the mountains like you have never seen it before. We will make use of thermals to gain as much altitude as possible and you will have a unique view of the areas below. This flight is extremely fun and it will feel like a real adventure.

Adventure flights have to be booked one week before the desired flight day; our team will assess the weather predictions to choose the best day of the week to do the flight as well as the best mountain site to fly on the day.

Hermanus Tandem Flight
Tandem Paragliding Cape Town


We offer tandem flights for the more adventurous in the higher mountains 60km away from Cape Town. For the adventure tandem flight we fly from Franschhoek, Paarl or Sir Lowry's pass, these flights are between 20 and 40 minutes and we will fly high and explore the mountains on a tandem paraglider.


This tandem flight will allow you to see the whole town from above as well as the ocean and the bay of Hermanus, during whale season there is also a chance to spot southern wright whales within the bay while flying. Flight times at Hermanus are also weather dependent but usually, this site allows for longer extended flights, usually between 15 and 25 minutes. We do try to land back on top of the mountain so it is easy access back to your vehicle.

Hermanus is only flyable with a light Southerly wind, please fill in the contact form below to request the next Hermanus flight date.

Tandem Paragliding Cape Town


Hermanus is a beautiful town one and a half hours east of Cape Town, the mountain we fly there is behind Hermanus town.

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