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Paragliding training



What to expect:


Day 1 - Intro to Equipment, Ground training and Tandem Paraglide Flight

Day 2 - Travel to the paragliding site, paraglide on your own for the day

We will start the course by doing a tandem flight and an introduction to paragliding equipment to understand the different gear we use when paragliding. After seeing and familiarizing yourself with the gear you will be given a paraglider to use for the first practical lesson which will be an introduction to ground training the paraglider, this will prepare you on how to control the paraglider for your first flight. If conditions and weather are good you will do your first flight on your own as the pilot in command on the second day.

On the second day of the course, you will do paraglide flights on your own while being instructed on how to fly and land with two-way radio instruction. You will spend most of the day flying the paraglider on your own.



// Paragliding equipment  //  Transport from Cape Town  //  Tandem paraglide flight with instructor  //  Ground handling and take-off preparation instruction  //  +-5 Solo flights where you will be the pilot in command



//  Understand the gear needed to fly a paraglider  //  Control the paraglider on flat ground in 10 to 20kmh wind speeds  //  Take off while being assisted by an instructor  //  Control the paraglider in the air  //  Understanding how to land safely with a paraglider  //  Extra instruction as a passenger while on a tandem flight with an instructor

2 Day intro course

This course is a fun and interesting 2-day introduction to paragliding course. It will give you an understanding of what paragliding is and what it feels like to fly on your own.

Discover Paragliding

What to expect:

The course runs over 7 to 12 flyable days in the general Cape Town area. You will start off with an introduction to paragliding session where you will learn about the equipment used for paragliding. Once you know enough about the equipment you will receive training on how to use it. In the first ground training lesson, you will learn how to kite the paraglider on flat ground and how to control the paraglider above your head while walking around, this will prepare you for your first take off.

Throughout the course, you will be doing 35 flights of which up to 5 might be on a tandem paraglider with your instructor. All solo flight instruction is done through 2-way radio instruction with your instructor on the mountain or hill while you are flying. The theory is a big part of paragliding and you will be attending a 4-hour theory class that will prepare you for the theory exam. In the theory class, you will learn about the weather, principles of flight and aerodynamics, air law, safety and much more. Sky Safari paragliding school’s chief flight instructor who is an ex-school teacher will make sure you can not only fly a paraglider safely but also understand the paragliding related to different topics.


On the first day, we will get familiar with the gear and do ground training at a big grass field in Seapoint or Camps Bay. Further training will take place at Langebaan on a big sand dune, Hermanus, Sir Lowry's Pass, Paarl, Franschhoek, Porterville, Piketberg or Betty's bay. Sites are selected by the instructor according to weather conditions, wind directions and wind speeds at the sites on the training days. 


// Paragliding Equipment for first 35 flights  //  Transport from Cape Town  //  Tandem flights with instructor  //  Ground training sessions  //  Instruction on training days  //  35 paraglide flights  //  Minimum 4 hours flight time  //  Theory class  //  Marking of theory exam

Pricing options:

Full course price with our equipment is R22500

Group discounts available
Discount on course price will be given if you purchase equipment from us, please make contact for equipment options and prices

Course cost of R14500 is if you have your own equipment, please fill in contact form so we can inspect your equipment before you can start training on it.

What you will learn


// Equipment - Learn about the paraglider wing, harnesses, reserve parachutes, and how to take care of your equipment as well as flight instruments.

// Weather and site selection - Choosing the right day to go fly is the first step in having safe paragliding adventures. During the course, you will learn about site selection, route planning, weather and reading wind- and weather forecasts.

// Take off preparation - Takeoff and landing are where most incidents occur in paragliding. You will learn about glider layout, topography and some tricks and tips on how to choose the best place to lay out the glider 

// Flight planning - Setting a flight plan, possible changing wind factors for the desired route, landing options and recovery after flight

// Landing - Choosing a landing area, glide ratio, wind direction indicators, and access to the landing area.

// Mountain safety - How to be prepared for a flying day. Route planning, food and water, emergency situations, packing of the wing, hiking and travelling with a paraglider, access and landowner permissions, mountain weather, assessing and minimizing risk

Paragliding training courses

Basic Paragliding License course
From R14500 (With own equipment)
R25500 with school equipment 


Learn to fly a paraglider on your own and earn your paragliding license. With instruction, learning to paraglide on your own is safe and easy. Paragliding is a fun and beautiful sport that can be done all over the world. Some humans dream of flying, some fly, it is easier to fly than you might think.

Sky Safari Adventures offers a paragliding course in Cape Town. Our basic paragliding license runs over 7 to 10 days you will learn everything you need to know to fly a paraglider safely on your own while earning an internationally recognized paragliding license on completion of the course.

Paragliding License
Paragliding training
Paragliding training and courses
Paragliding training


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