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What to Expect on a Tandem Paragliding Flight in Cape Town

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Tandem paraglide flight over Sea Point in Cape Town during sunset
Tandem paragliding flight over Sea Point in Cape Town

Tandem paragliding over Sea Point in Cape Town gives a unique view of the city that you can only experience from a paraglider. While many people might be afraid of being so high up in the air, we can assure you that it's not as scary as you might imagine! When flying with an experienced pilot, it's actually very calm and relaxing and with all the safety protocols in place, you'll feel secure and safe while enjoying the spectacular views.

In this blog post, we'll talk about exactly what tandem paragliding is and walk you through what to expect on your first paragliding flight in Cape Town from Signal Hill mountain.

What is tandem paragliding?

Tandem paragliding involves two people paragliding at the same time under the same wing. Both the pilot and the passenger each have their own harness, and the passenger will always be seated up front to make sure that they have the best seat and are in the most favourable position to enjoy all the views!

Tandem paragliding in Cape Town

Selfie of a tandem paragliding flight over Signal Hill in Cape Town
Cape Town Views during a tandem paragliding flight over Signal Hill

Signal Hill is the main starting point for tandem paragliding flights in Cape Town. The take-off site is 350 meters above sea level and faces west towards Sea Point and Robben Island.

The landing area is on the big grass field next to Beach Road along the Sea Point Promenade.

Once you arrive at the take-off site on Signal Hill, you'll be introduced to your instructor and given a paragliding harness and a helmet. Your cell phone, wallet, handbag and car keys will be placed in the back of your paragliding harness. Once your equipment is stored you'll walk onto the take-off area along with your instructor. You'll be given a safety briefing as well as a take-off briefing.


The take-off is easy, and your pilot is there to guide you every step of the way. You'll be asked to walk forward and then to go into a run, and keep running until you take off. Once your feet leave the ground you'll start to feel the wind on your face, which means you're flying! Paragliders fly at about 30km/h, which is roughly the amount of wind you'll be feeling during the flight.

Tandem Paragliding landing field Cape Town
Happiness after doing some tricks above the Seapoint Landing field


Once we're in the air you can get comfortable and move around fully into the harness and just enjoy the views and the feeling of flight! The paraglider will be controlled by your pilot, who'll choose the flight path according to the wind direction and speed. We'll fly along the mountain for as long as possible and once we get lower, we'll fly out over Sea Point towards the Sea Point Promenade.

The height we reach during the flight will depend on the weather conditions during the flight. Sometimes there are thermals that can take us up higher. The higher we can get into these thermals, the longer we can fly. We usually fly over the town at a height of about 250 metres and will constantly descend while flying towards the ocean.

During the glide, take the time to look around you and enjoy the unique perspective of Cape Town from above. Some iconic natural landmarks to look out for are Table Mountain, Lion's Head and the Twelve Apostles.

“It's so peaceful up here, it is not as scary as I thought it would be.” - Stephanie

Once we're over the grass field in Sea Point, you have the option to experience some aerobatics like wingovers and spirals. The intensity of the aerial manoeuvres will depend on our height above the ground. These acro manoeuvres feel like you're on a rollercoaster and many of our clients enjoy this part of the flight the most!


After these acro manoeuvres, we'll prepare for landing. Your pilot will set the paraglider onto its landing approach path and land you softly on the grass. You might be asked to take a few steps forward once you touch the ground.

After the flight, your optional photos and videos will be transferred directly onto your cell phone so you can share your experience with friends and family. Be sure to tag us in your social media posts if you share your pics online!

Book a paragliding flight with Sky Safari

Now that you know a bit more about tandem paragliding from Signal Hill in Cape Town, all you need to do is come and experience it for yourself. To book a tandem flight, and enquire about pricing, contact us via email at fly[at] or fill in the contact form on our site. You can also follow us and reach out via DM on our Instagram handle @skysafarifly.

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