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Demo wing for sale and in stock in South Africa. The Zoe 19 in color option Zancy has done 10 flights and less than 1 hour of airtime.


ZOE is a versatile paraglider designed to make happy all pilots, who like playing in the air. If you want to seek out new flying experiences with ultra-light equipment in a safe way, ZOE is a great choice for you. With ZOE you can fully enjoy local thermals and soaring sessions and the more you load it, the more fun you have.

ZOE is a mini wing from our LIGHT-LINE and SPORT-LINE series.

It is a simple, agile and sporty mini wing available in standard and light version and 6 sizes to meet the right match of the pilot to wing. The load level defines how you can use ZOE to entertain yourself in the air. And for experienced pilots who want to go one step further, ZOE is ready to be equipped with trimmers, which makes it yet more dynamic and swift.

Main features:

  • Nylon rods in the Reinforced Leading Edge (RLE) keep the cells open at all times, resulting in the canopy inflating faster or recovering from collapse.
  • 3D cut ensures a clean and smooth canopy, which increases performance and makes wing simple to launch, highly durable, and easy to pack.
  • Very stable and reliable even in tough conditions so that active pilots can spend every spare moment in the air.
  • Precise, agile, and responsive handling with dynamic brakes allows pilots go to extreme.
  • Long brake range to stall point for a smooth and safe landing.



  • Panels: DOKDO-N20 DMF (WR)
  • Leading edge: DOKDO-N20 DMF (WR)
  • Ribs and diagonals: Skytex 40 HARD, Porcher Sport


  • Upper gallery: EDELRID 7850
  • Lower gallery: EDELRID 7850
  • Brake lines: EDELRID 7850


  • Strap: Polyester 13 mm, Mouka Tišnov
  • Maillons: Peguet, maillon rapid inox normal 3,5

Package includes:

  • Glider Inner Bag.
  • Zoe size 19 - Sky Paraglider
  • Trim system installed

DEMO WING SKY Paragliders - ZOE Miniwing 19

R30 000,00Price
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